PlaySky Project

PlaySky Platform Infrastructure

PlaySky : an Open-source Platform

PlaySky platform allows all kinds of NFTs to be used in its ecosystem through PlaySky API services, without no more smart contract programming

Asset Management

PlaySky is integrated with decentralized wallet features, providing a one-step seamless experience for users to manage their digital assets. Using decentralized digital identity to create addresses on multichain, users will be able to access applications in different ecosystems with one set of private keys.

NFT Market Place

PlaySky NFT Market supports regular NFT trading and mystery box mode.

NFT Bidding

Users can place their NFTs on the bidding market. As a bidder you will need to offer a price higher than the previous bidder by 10%. If your bid fails, you will still receive 20% of the price difference.

PlaySky Game Center

PlaySky LaunchPad provides a platform where game publishers can sell GameFi assets such as NFTs, Farms, Lands and many others.

With years of developing experience in the game industry, the team will build unique GameFi products that operate in the PlaySky ecosystem. To fully release all potential uses of the SkyBird NFTs, every SkyBird NFT will be given different sets of attributes and features, which make NFTs adoptable in different games on the platform.

Initial Launch – BirdsFight

BirdsFight will be a PVP game using SkyBird NFT and BirdNFT features, and will be released on PlaySky platform.

The Story Behind

Once upon a time, there were a group of birds lived in the forest on Andres Island. Everything was in peace, but an evil force from another world invaded their territory and broke the silence. To protect their homeland, they must get together and learn different skills. Everyone of them acquired different abilities as they became more and more powerful, eventually became the strongest bird fighter in the forest! . These bird Fighters are now leading their people fighting against the enemies on the frontier!

More Games

PlaySky will provide more gaming choices as the platform matures. Third party GameFi projects can also launch DApps on PlaySky for users by Web3 protocol.


Communities connect people together, PlaySky doesn’t only focus on creating pure gaming experience but also aiming to build a harmonious community where players can be deeply engaged. PlaySky is a GameFi & SocialFi platform combining NFT, Gaming, Social features where users can truly play to earn.

My Box

My Box – where you manage your PlaySky account

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