PlaySky Token – $PLS

PlaySky token - $PLS, will be issued on Ethereum network with 100,000,000,000,000 total supply. $PLS has many application cases including
· NFT royalty fees will be used for PLS repurchasing and burning.
· 50% of NFT trading fees will be used for PLS repurchasing and burning.
· Can be used as a DAO governance token.
· Can be used to exchange and purchase NFTs

PLS Tokenomics

30% Play to Earn —— Earn PLS by playing games released on PlaySky.
20% Liquidity Mining —— Rewards for PLS liquidity providers.
15% Team —— Team development.
10% Market development —— Business and marketing development.
10% Liquidity Donor —— Donated ETH and BNB will be used as initial liquidity. Donors will receive 0.5% monthly in 20 months period after PLS goes listed on DEX.
7% Add Liquidity —— Add liquidity on Uniswap and PancakSwap, liquidity provided by Donors will be locked.
5% SkyBird NFTs Stake —— Rewards for PlaySky NFT holders after the platform launches.
3% Airdrops —— Airdrop to the PlaySky community and early supporters.